“He has a special gift in writing for large instrumental ensembles and handling diverse instrumental combinations. His band works in particular exhibit sensitive and imaginative scoring.”

Mark Dal Porto - Composer / Coordinator of Theory and Composition, Eastern New Mexico University

“Franklin Piland continuously produces exemplary work as a composer. Each new composition grows in beauty as he develops a style increasingly his own. He is blessed with a felicity of expression and a happy talent for composition that leaves one wanting for more of his exceptional output.”

Sam Reese - Writer / Photographer

“Whether a work for saxophone and piano, small chamber group, wind symphony or choir, Franklin is a capable composer who is fluent in a myriad of compositional styles.  I have always found his music to be rhythmically varied and compelling, melodically intriguing and, at times, haunting, and formally well-balanced.  Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Franklin’s writing is that no two pieces are alike.  While many composers today seem to write each piece with a similar harmonic language or style, Franklin always manages to create something new in each piece he writes.  Never formulaic, Franklin’s music travels from dark mystery to ebullient and rhapsodic adventure within his current musical oeuvre.  I believe Franklin is always creating something new and fresh because he is first and foremost an active learner and listener.  His listening interests are diverse – from film scores to choral music – and his music is a delightful amalgamation of his unique compositional voice, informed by a depth of musical experience, knowledge and listening.  Additionally, Franklin is an active performer and conductor, which also gives his music an exciting dimension.  Give Franklin’s music a listen (or play).  I’m certain you’ll love it as I do!”

Kayla Paulk - Vocal Coach / Accompanist, Eastern New Mexico University

“He knows the wind ensemble from the inside out, having performed as a tubist, and also having conducted large ensembles. He writes with knowledge and understanding for both instruments and voices, and his music is well-conceived and grateful to play and to hear. It is clear in its formal design without being predictable or clichéd.”

Dr. Donald Grantham - Professor of Composition, The University of Texas at Austin

“Franklin exhibits excellent musical instincts, employs wonderful rehearsal techniques, and is a fine young conductor. Friendly, gregarious, selfless, dedicated, and professional, he is future-oriented with fervent reverence for our past and present, and extremely committed to our art form.

I have been extremely impressed with Mr. Piland’s evolution as a composer. He is constantly seeking new scoring opportunities, actively seeks input from the commissioner when a commissioned work is requested, and presents fresh, yet reflective, musical ideas consistently.”

Dustin Seifert - Director of Bands, Eastern New Mexico University

“Composer Franklin Piland has a raw and natural ability in the way he interprets and orchestrates voice. As a singer, I love performing Franklin’s choral pieces. He has such a talent for creating elegant nuances in color and emotion. He has a genuine gift in marrying text to music, in building an intimate story-telling atmosphere for the performer and listener.”

Audra Methvin - Operatic and Concert Soprano

“We have a young composer in our midst with a name to remember: Franklin Piland.”

Betty Williamson - Writer, Portales News-Tribune

“The musicians presented, by virtue of their brilliant instrumentation and vocal harmonies, three phases of time — morning, sun of the 10th and moon of the 15th. It was the highlight of the first segment of the gig.

The inherent chirpiness in the ‘morning’ section was a delight to listen to. But the second and third parts of the piece were a technical triumph. One has to commend all the vocalists for doing justice to the rather intricate rhythm patterns of the compositions.”

Peerzada Salman -, Pakistan

“Franklin knows how to conjure the imagination with his thought-provoking music. His passion for the art knows no boundaries as it penetrates your fantasies and leads you on a musical journey that you will want to come back to again and again.”

Brittley Bates - Flautist / Music Educator